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We strive to offer outstanding infant care beginning at age 6 weeks.  We offer a warm, loving environment with age appropriate learning throughout the day. Teachers display positive behaviors with infants by being physically close, being on eye level, sharing attention, and providing affection and contact. Teachers consistently watch infants to see what they are interested in and then follow that lead. We provide opportunities for infants to safely explore and choose options in their surroundings.


Our toddlers begin working on basic motor skills and perceptual development.  We use music, books, puzzles, stories, games, coloring, free play, and hands-on learning.  We strive to connect aspects of activities and play to children's lives, experiences, and previous learning. The teacher consistently facilitates children's thinking skills through questioning, problem

solving, and prediction activities. We use a variety of words and language for children to use. 


Children enjoy discovering new things. They are learning to make choices and to try something new, challenging their inquiring minds. We guide them in developing social skills.  We talk about our families; we express ourselves through creative movement and songs; we read and reread favorite books, we begin to draw and write; we try new things together; when we don't succeed, we try again. 

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